Wide Angle: Photography Out of Bounds

September 21, 2018–November 18, 2018
Curated by Carissa Barnard, FotoFocus Deputy Director

Featured Artists: Jimmy Baker, Kathe Burkhart, Harry Callahan, Tom Friedman, Robert Heinecken, John Houck, Mike Jacobs, Sol Lewitt, Goshka Macuga, Rick Mallette, Christian Marclay, Marilyn Minter, Laurel Nakadate, Seth Price, Robert Rauschenberg, Brett Schieszer, Sheida Soleimani, John Stezaker, Sigrid Viir, John Wesley 

Recognizing photography’s central role in collage, Wide Angle includes artists who manipulate and recompose imagery to recontextualize narratives drawn from our current social, political, and cultural climate.

These multimedia artists blur the lines between different mediums—challenging the high and low art conventions—and push the boundaries of photography by rearranging, patterning, and dramatically altering images to rewrite the traditional visual language. Through this manipulation, images are forced out of context in often bizarre, subversive, and humorous ways in a translation of the current culture.

Even before the term “collage” was popularized by Picasso and Braque, the method of cut and paste was common throughout art history—a powerful tool to narrate and confront the situational. Collage evolved through Dada and Surrealism, into Pop, and remains a relevant and appropriate medium to navigate the modern day. From traditional handmade photomontage to experimental machine-assisted assemblage, the collage process still offers a unique method of social critique.

Wide Angle includes international artists recognized in the genre alongside artists from the region working with collage-inspired techniques.