2011 – Present | Jason Snell – Vocals, FX | Brandon Hickle – Bass | Jimmy Baker – Drums | Phil Valois – Guitar

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Dungeon Thud

2004 – 2007  A collaborative effort formed during grad school with Nathan Tersteeg (Richmond, VA). A few live performances were produced, and one major performative sculpture installation: Hairrier. This is an open-ended collaboration with the potential for future exhibitions.

Mt Storm

2005 – 2006  A short lived project featuring – Hayes Shanesy: Bass, Flute | Jimmy Baker: Drums, Electronics | Brian Nicely: Guitar

The Awakening

2000 – 2002.  Formed in Columbus, OH – Dennis Berendts: Guitar, Vocals | Jimmy Baker: Drums, Vocals | Matt McKernan: Bass, Vocals

The Awakening played nearly 100 shows across America & Canada in two short years.  We played a bastard mixture of Japanese Burning Spirits Hardcore, and Scandinavian Crust. Our imagery and ideas were reactionary to the political climate of the time, but filtered through a dystopian sic-fi / fantasy lens. Many great thanks go to Sashi Mori, and Amanda Delozier who were instrumental to the dynamics of creative output.  The Awakening had the great opportunity to play with many amazing bands in our short time on this planet: The Black Hand, Virginia Black Lung, Tragedy, Born Dead Icons, From Ashes Rise, Catharsis, 9 Shocks Terror, Municipal Waste, Midnight (PDX), Hellshock, etc.

Thirst at the Edge of Death.mp3
Back Wheel.mp3